Contrary to popular belief, the holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year to find talent.  Likewise, it is also a great time to be job hunting.  November and December are the best months for networking.  With all the holiday parties and charitable events going on, the opportunity to meet people is endless.  The best part of seizing the networking opportunity at holiday soirees is that you typically see people as they truly are because their professional guard is down as they are enjoying the spirit of the season.

Businesses and organizations also like to ring in the New Year with new budgets and a year-end assessment of hiring needs, opening opportunities for qualified candidates.  The competition to find top quality talent is low during the holidays as recruiting professionals and hiring managers take time off for travel and family.  This is a great time to attract and engage the best talent available.

For the job seeker, your likelihood of reaching a decision maker within an organization also increases the two weeks around Christmas.  Although it is true this is a popular time of year for people to take time off, there are still a number of leaders holding down the fort.  Things also tend to quiet down in the office during this time of year, allowing the opportunity for longer conversations and the likelihood of someone having the time to respond to your call or email with fewer distractions.

One way to take advantage of the annual holiday charitable event is to invite qualified job candidates to participate.  Whether your office has volunteered to stuff food pantry boxes or collect Toys for Tots, charitable events require leaders, team players and positive attitudes.  What better way to test your candidates’ abilities?  It’s also a great opportunity for job seekers to volunteer their skills and enthusiasm.

The holidays offer a wonderful time for self-reflection.  Take this time to reevaluate your brand image to attract the right candidate or employer. Review your social media strategy, marketing strategy, personal resume or resumes on file.  Update any new skills, experiences or accomplishments.  Hiring managers must remember that they are being interviewed and evaluated just as much by the potential candidates.

With all this in mind, make that list, check it twice and find out who’s been naughty or nice, so that you can enjoy the most prosperous New Year!

From all of us at Software Resources, we wish you a very Happy Holiday and Joyful New Year!