When I worked for a couple of consulting companies, I found that what the companies were missing was the direct communication with their consultants. Being out in the field and seeing the consultants and working with them daily as well as working with the clients, I was able to find out what was important to both and really listen to their needs. I felt by starting my own company, I would be able to satisfy both of those needs and it would be a win-win situation.

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As a result, at my company, Software Resources, we listen to our clients’ needs and more completely understand what they are looking for at the current time. We use a three-pronged approach to direct communication:

  1. Seasoned account managers spend time with customers in their environment – seeing their challenges and concerns first-hand,
  2. Our inside delivery team interfaces consistently with clients and candidates to adjust to the constantly changing landscape using scheduled maintenance calls, and
  3. Our back-office team members are introduced to clients and candidates early in the relationship and manage communications throughout the relationship lifecycle.

Another important aspect in the staffing agency is consistency. For instance, we still have the same management as when the company started 20 years ago as well as several employees that started with our company. I think that is important because our customers enjoy that long-term, consistent relationship and it really makes a difference for them knowing they can count on us.

With IT staffing projected to grow 8 percent this year and next, as well as IT solutions representing an additional opportunity, I believe it is important for staffing firms to develop and maintain close, personal relationships with both their consultants and clients and establish a long-term relationship with both.