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Laws ban ‘What’s your salary?’ question in interviews

Source: Laws ban ‘What’s your salary?’ question in interviews It’s that job interview question you’d love to dodge: What’s your current, or most recent, salary? A low figure could limit your starting pay. A high number might make you seem expensive. Now, several states and cities are banning the question as part of efforts to […]

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Facts About and Solutions for the Dreaded Double-Submittal

You’re getting dozens of recruiter calls, and they all want you. You’re happy. They’re happy. Your resume is in front of multiple clients for multiple jobs. Then you get another call from the recruiter that goes like this…. “Sorry X, the hiring manager rejected your resume because you were already submitted to them by another […]

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Internal Controls: Reducing Theft and Fraud

Fraud and Trust The thought of employee theft and fraud within a company can be daunting and stressful- especially within a small business full of trusted and hard-working employees. It can be difficult to walk the line between making your employees feel trusted and ensuring that your business is being run honestly and without unnecessary […]

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2 Important Resume Boosters to Catch the Eye of the Most Critical Reviewer

Applying for work is not like it used to be. What was once a face-to-face request for employment is now an automated system filled with hundreds, even thousands, of resumes per position. A simple Google search will bring up an endless string of resume tips and tricks, each designed to make your resume or cover […]

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